Real User's Product Review of the Brevida Mask

Nick gave this mask 4/5 stars "this mask is super quiet. I can barely hear the air flowing in. The only thing is that it's a bit difficult getting used to the nasal pillows. make sure you get the right size to fit with your nose." For more reviews on the Brevida Mask or to view the product page you can Click Here


  • sheez1sheez1 Posts: 1

    I don't use the nasal pillows because someone told me it stretches out your nostrils so they are bigger over a period of time.

  • lisajohny543lisajohny543 Posts: 1

    I also don't use nasal pillow due to the direct nature of the pressurized air delivery, it makes me very uncomfortable, and due to this I can sleep properly, I use Buckwheat pillows, I bought it from nest bedding promo code, it's really damn good and I can take breathe without facing any difficulty, and my mask also not move here and there.

  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 10
    edited October 2020

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