Leaks, noise and sanitation issues.

Limitations of the main hose moving the mask and causing leaks. Condensation gurgles. Need a better method to clean the hose.
Sinus irritations due to humidity or temperature changes.
Sanitation/sterilization/ odor issues.


  • debbiedoodebbiedoo Posts: 5

    I finally broke down and bought the SoClean 2. So much easier than trying to wash the hose and mask every day and I never have to worry about residual water in the hose! Worth every penny!

  • RTRT94RTRT94 Posts: 2

    can you tell me about this so clean, i have heard a little about it

  • mamajanamamajana Posts: 4

    But they are so expensive, $300 with tax! You could probably file it on your taxes as a medical expense, but that's only if your total medical expenses are at least 7% of your taxable income. Mine never is!

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