Changed my life!

I used to be so tired during the day but now I have so much energy! My husband said I'm a different person when I skip a night and won't let me drive. Probably smart! So glad I didn't just get surgery because I heard that comes back.


  • JoeJoe Posts: 12

    I just started using mine again and am struggling to keep it up so this is great to hear

  • I was the cranky gramps before I got diagnosis and started with that CPAP contraption!! Feeling as spry and young as when I was 40!!

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    It's taken a lot of work and getting a second opinion, but my CPAP (actually Bi-PAP) has totally changed how I feel. I've had a least 5 sleep studies overnight in clinic - so don't take the first thing you hear as gospel. When surgery was recommended, I went for a second opinion, and now my treatment works. Sure, I have nights I want to rip it off my face, but for the most part - if don't wear it - I'm unhappily tired the next day. I even travel with the darn thing. Would love to get the mini but so expensive! Keep it up folks, it took me 5 years to get it right but now I'm finally NOT TIRED. PS - I use the nasal pillows, which I was originally told was not good for me because my jaw drops open. But they work fine. Second opinions!!!

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    Got mine in June and haven't missed a day. I felt results the day after tbe first time i used it. I couldn't believe how different it feels. Ive fallen asleep at the wheel many times, thank god no accidents, seriously.

    Went on a riadtrip across the country tgis summer for tge 3rd time and my travel partner couldnt believe that I was awake and alert for the whole time. I remember saying how weird it feels to have so much extra time in my day now that i used to devote to napping. I napoed everyday for 2-3 hours. Now,if I nao its 20-40 minutes, if i can even fall asleep.

    I'm a teacher and i noticed that im not falling asleep or fighting to stay awake, plus I'm happier, less irritable and more talkative.

    Oh wait. I lied. I missed 2 days because i stupidly forgot the seal for the humidifer chamber. I wanted to cry i was so angry at myself. I cleaned everything in the so clean, but i need an adapter so i had to put the seal on the adapter and forgot it DON'T FORGET THE SEAL!!!

    I'm going to buy a cover piece and keep it in my travel bag for emergencies.

  • @BarbaraMinnesota said:
    I used to be so tired during the day but now I have so much energy! My husband said I'm a different person when I skip a night and won't let me drive. Probably smart! So glad I didn't just get surgery because I heard that comes back.

    I fought getting a Cpap for years!! I did use a dental appliance for awhile 1st. It helped a little, BUT it shifted my teeth and my bite so it wasn't worth the $$ or time wasted.
    I finally went to a Dr who is a sleep specialist. Best move ever!! Overnight test in a lab is the best sleep study to do. Here's why: They see exactly what's happening as you're sleeping and your Dr can order the best fit for that. Auto, BiPap, etc as well as what mask should work for you.
    Trust these folks at the sleep lab. Don't trust the DME necessarily until you've used them because they're sales first, client's needs second. And you're a guinea pig.
    Give the entire setup 30 nights religiously. Keep trying really hard to tolerate the entire setup!!
    I'm 5 years into it now. I never take a nap or leave home without my Cpap. EVER!!
    My 45 yr old son said that it gave him a new Mom. My husband is thrilled. I love my Cpap.

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    I have been using mine about 10 years and I felt better the first night. I was amazed and used it every night despite using a horrible mask...the Mirage Quattro...hated that horse harness but i felt better immediately.

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    I was diagnosed after sleep study test with mild sleep Apnea about a year ago. (5.7 events) I have tried 5 masks and have never been able to go more then 4 hours in a night and not very many consecutive days in a row. I have a new mask AIRFIT 30F and I have been able to go a week in a row and have averaged 7 hours a night with less the 3 events per hour. My problem is I have been by fr more tired and feel like I haven't slept at all during that week of usage. I track my sleep on my Fitbit and my REM and Deep sleep were awful. On the 8th day I stopped using mask and my sleep was great,Rem and Deep sleep were very high. 9 not sure if this was the case because I was so tired already from that week of lack of sleep?) Why is my sleep so bad with using the BI-Pap machine,I thought it was suppose to make it better? Thanks,Mike

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    This mask changed my life. Now I'm a happy person! And most importantly, I can control my rest and my activity. Thank you to the developers. Type my essay thanking the developers of this device.

  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 10

    How can I thank the developers? This device is fantastic! :) I can't get enough of it!

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