I can't make it through the night without wanting to pull the darn thing off

I can't make it through the night without wanting to pull the darn thing off


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    @Brady1964 which mask do you use? There can be a number of reasons causing the discomfort. It can stem from the pressure your CPAP is providing or from the type of mask you are using. There are a few option to help increase the comfort of your mask. I would recommend checking out the AirTouch F20. It is a new memory foam mask by ResMed: Click here to view.

  • i was the exact same way when i started back in 1998. took me a while but you have to stick it through and now i can't live without it

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    I've got the memory foam mask, helps a lot!

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    Try the DreamWear. The hose fits on top of your head so you aren't fighting with it all night. Also, check your humidity setting. It could be too high or too low. I started with nasal pillows and they made my nostrils so sore. They felt bruised all the time. I finally tried the one that sits under your nostrils and love it! I have only been on cpap for a year, but I can tell you that it takes a lot of patience and want to to make it work. You must keep in the back of your head that if you are not compliant, you make wake up not breathing at all one day! I was going to say wake up dead but I didn't want to be morbid!

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    Yes, hang in there and commit to it being a health habit. I'm four years in on mine and so grateful that I found I had apnea. It's life changing. Do what you can to set up a calming sleep routine and make sure your mask is as comfortable as possible. I agree with the comment on humidity and temp -- I adjust mine throughout the year in accordance with the weather and house temp. Cut yourself some slack if you pull it off a few nights, just keep trying.

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    I have tried about every brand and even tried nasal even tho I am a mouth breather. I have NOT found a mask that does not lose its seal and wakes me up. I have a hard time getting to sleep and when I do 3 to 4 hours latter my masks wakes me. I am a side sleeper and my husband tells me that is why it pushes my mask. I am at 15 on pressure and also have restless legs so I toss and turn alot. I have bought mask at full price to try since insurance only provides 2 a year. I know I need to wear but also need sleep. Going on 6 years with an on and off situation and still have not found a solution. Finally got tired of going to my sleep Dr and only getting to see his np who is old and stupid and will not listen. Any ideas or advice appreciated, I know I need to wear and feel better on the nights I have worn for several hours.

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    I too am a mouth breather and a side sleeper. I use the Amara View mask. It allows mouth breathing and only moves slightly as I turn side to side. Usually if it becomes dislodged it's only a matter of moving it a half inch or so. Good Luck to you.

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    I was diagnosed in 1997. I have been using nasal pillow masks almost the whole time with each one greeting better.

    Three Fisher& Paykel was my goto.for almost 4 years. I recently purchased a resmed AirFit 4P10 and love it.

    I found once I made up my mind this was the way my life was, I was going to find a way to conquer it. I don't even take a nap without my cpap. It is a total waste of time, as without it, I was always tired and irritable.

    Once you find what works for you, you will never regret it

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    I highly recommend the dreamwear. It does not irritate my nose or upper lip. I don’t think I could have stayed with cpap if I had not found this mask.

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    Do try different masks. A lot of them offer free return if they don’t work. I tried about four before I found the one that works for me.for a long time (like a year) I only did 3 to 4 hours a night. But that’s better than nothing. Now I get 6 to 7 hours. I consider that a full night’s sleep. I feel so much better, I could never go back to sleep without the mask.

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    If you are a mouth breather try Mirage Quattro Full face it keeps the seal rather well for me. I use a zip tie around the hose and mask to keep the hose running up, find it the most comfortable. In the beginning many years ago I could not tolerate the mask and took it off constantly, I used Benadryl to knock me out more to get over the mostly psychological annoyance of using the mask and then after a coule of months did away with using Benadryl So Clean is great and at first annoyed me with the smell, solved this by using a 2nd mask and alternating so the mask had a complete extra day to air out after being cleaned, totally solved the uncomfortable smell. Would not live / sleep without the mask / cpap ever again.

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