Can't breathe out

i got a full mask from you all and when i plugged it into my resmed, i can't get enough air. your rep said it would be compatible with my machine.


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    Von_EasyBreatheVon_EasyBreathe Posts: 9 admin

    Hi Susanne,

    Thank you for your question! Believe it or not, we get questions like this everyday! In a lot of cases, the patient had been wearing a different style of mask so the machine's settings for "Mask Type" would have to change. For example, if you had previously worn a nasal pillow mask (a mask that goes into the nostrils), your machine would have been set to that style of mask and would blow the amount of air needed for that particular mask. But since you now have a full face mask, the machine would need to be adjusted so that it reflects that you are now using a full face mask. If you have any questions on changing the mask type on your machine, please give us a call at 866-564-2252.

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    hpgamboahpgamboa Posts: 1

    Why does my AHI go up to 58.2 and mist of the time, it is above 5. Right now, my 7-day AHI is 7.9 and my 30-day AHI is 12.3.

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