I am claustrophobic. Which masks will work for me?

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I am claustrophobic. Which masks will work for me?


  • If you are looking for a mask that has a minimal design, I would suggest taking a look at the DreamWear Mask! It has a cushion that goes under the nose -- it does not cover the nose, just goes under it. You can click here to view it! We also have a gel pillows version that you can view by clicking here.

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    There are also a few full face masks that people with claustrophobia love. The Amara View mask is designed to have a wide field of view which helps prevent the feeling of being restricted. It sits lower on your nose and only covers a small portion of your face. This also offers the ability to read or watch t.v. are you prepare to go to bed.

    Another mask is the F20 series by ResMed. The F20 has more of a classic design but the shape of the cushion allows it to fall right in the blind spots of your vision. The F20 can come with either a classic silicone cushion or a new memory foam cushion. For someone with claustrophobia the memory foam offers a lightweight and comfortable mask that may feel less restrictive than most other masks. You can view the memory foam AirTouch F20 by clicking here.

    Lastly there is the FitLife mask system. Now this is a very niche mask and is not for everybody. However some people with claustrophobia have found that this is a perfect mask for them. The mask doesn't cover your mouth or your nose like a standard full face mask but actually goes all around your face. Claustrophobic users have found that because it doesn't feel like it is something trying to cover your mouth the fear usually isn't there. If you are interested in the FitLife mask you can click here to see its unique design.

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    I recommend the AirFit P10! It is super minimal and really quiet. With 72 reviews it has stars so most customers agree. Plus, it's only $99 so that makes it cheaper than most full face and many nasal options. Click here for more info.

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    I would suggest the AirFit F20 Full Face Mask. It has magnetic clips that allow you to snap off the mask in an instant. Knowing that the magnetic clips allow for such a quick and easy release may relieve your claustrophobia. The AirFit N20, which is a nasal mask, also has these magnetic clips.

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    I am also claustrophobic and I LOVE the airfit -10 nasal mask. Lightweight and not constricting at all

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    I also like the airfit. I have the newer one which i think is 20? Anyway, the magnetic clips are awesome. Very easy on/off. Also, you don't realky see much of the mask infront of you so it doesnt make you feel closed in.

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    Dreamwear. Definitely.

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