Why won't my new mask fit my machine?

I just got the new full face mask F20 today but it doesn't work with my machine! Does anyone else have this problem? The gray part of my tubing looks like it is the same size as the mask elbow.


  • Von_EasyBreatheVon_EasyBreathe Posts: 9 admin

    Believe it or not, this is a question we hear everyday! All masks are manufactured to be compatible with all machines and all tubing (excluding the AirMini), so your mask will fit on your tubing. It sounds like there is a part of your previous mask still stuck inside the end of the tubing that would go to the mask. When you press down on that end of the tubing, it should be soft. If it is hard, then all you would have to do is pull out the plastic part stuck inside. It may require a little bit of a tug but after that, you would be able to connect it to your new mask.

  • officeMaxofficeMax Posts: 4

    @Von_EasyBreathe Thank you so much! Worked like a charm. I am very excited to try my new mask!

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