Four things.

It's worse than having two dogs on the bed to remove intimacy from the bedroom. Having to wake up enough to adjust the mask and hose virtually every time I change positions. Strap marks on my face that are often still visible 17 or 18 hours after I get out of bed. Remembering to clean and dry the mask every morning.


  • sorry about your troubles!! sounds like you gotta looks for a new mask or something, maybe that dreamask with the hose on top would help!! my wife got rid of those marks with pieces of cloth, just don't reuse them too much!!

  • ModMasterMikeDModMasterMikeD Posts: 19

    I was fighting with my Quattro FX before i changed to the Amara View but I cut up an old t-shirt into a doughnut shape as a quick and dirty mask liner and it was enough to stop the leaks for awhile before the other mask arrived.

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