AirMini Pressure Adjustment

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How do I adjust the pressure settings on my resmed airmini?


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    Jessica_EasyBreatheJessica_EasyBreathe Posts: 42 admin
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    All of the AirMini settings can only be adjusted from the AirMini app, available for download on your iPhone or Android device.
    Click here for the iTunes link to download the AirMini app.
    Click here for the Google Play link to download the AirMini app.

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    EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    If you are looking to adjust the minimum and/or maximum pressure that your CPAP produces, you will need to either contact your doctor or the provider that you purchased the machine from. They will be able to adjust your settings for you and make any other changes you request so you can get the most out of your sleep apnea therapy.

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    The AirMini is an auto-titrating machine, which means that it will detect the pressure that you need automatically within the range of 4-20 cmH20 and adjust your pressure accordingly. If you are looking to set it to a specific pressure, you would need an iPhone or Android device and download the AirMini App. For further assistance, please contact the supplier that provided you the CPAP machine or contact your doctor.

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    i gotta use my phone for this machine?? i can barely use it to text my nephew!! i'll make him teach me how to use this thing when i gotta go camping!!

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