How do I know what pressure is best for me?

RealUserQuestionsRealUserQuestions Posts: 60 admin

I spoke to a friend of mine who has a cpap and he says his physician titrated the flow specifically for him. Therefore if I were to order a machine from you, how would I know what type of airflow is best for me?


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    Jessica_EasyBreatheJessica_EasyBreathe Posts: 42 admin

    During a titration study, the pressure level is adjusted to find the optimal pressure that best relieves the symptoms of sleep apnea in a patient. However, your pressure needs change when you gain weight, lose weight, get sick, or even change sleeping positions. We would recommend an Auto CPAP machine, which automatically adjusts the pressure based on your breathing.

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    EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    Most of the more up to date CPAP machines, like the Airsense 10, allow your provider or physician to generate reports based on your sleeping patterns. Your physician can then use this information to better establish the proper treatment for you. You can actually view a discussion about how to do this by clicking here.

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    my doc gave me a pressure but an auto machine too so i don;t have to go to the office all the time to get my machine changed again!!

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