Mask that can withstand high pressures

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Hello – My air pressure is 22. I cannot find a full face mask that can handle that pressure without leaks. Can you make a suggestion? TY


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    I would recommend the Simplus Full Face Mask. I would also recommend using cloth mask liners with your full face mask; the liners have helped to stop air leaks for many CPAP users. Click here for cloth mask liners.

  • whoa buddy your pressure is old enough to drink!! i used to use the mirage quattro when i was at a higher pressure and it was okay!! it looks like the simplus which is cool!!

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    what are alll these names? you're speaking another language!

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    Looking for a mask where there are no straps
    On face only on heaf

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    I have a dreamwear mask and love oft. Only problem I'm having is dry mouth. The bipap has a humidifier and a heated hose. I cannot wear a chin strap because I grind my teeth and it throws off my bite. What can I do to alter this problem.

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    I am gonna say that this is an interesting and useful stuff for me. I was blank about this. Thanks for updating us.

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    I'm new to the bi-level devices with pressure of 30. Using a Res-Med Airtouch F20. Still getting used to a full face mask after 10 years with nasal pillows. It seems to handle the higher pressure ok with proper adjustment. Anyone else using this mask?

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    whoa buddy your pressure is old enough to drink

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