Machine that tracks data

RealUserQuestionsRealUserQuestions Posts: 60 admin

I need a machine that records when and how long I use it every night so I can keep track of it when I go to my physical. Any suggestions?


  • Jessica_EasyBreatheJessica_EasyBreathe Posts: 42 admin

    Both the Airsense 10 machines and the DreamStation machines record your sleep data. To generate a compliance report to take to your doctor's appointment, we can do so using the serial number of the machine or the machine data card (if you bought the machine from us). If you bought the machine from a provider other than Easy Breathe, we can still generate a compliance report for you if you send us your data card.

  • EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    The Airsense 10 and the Dreamstation also have an app you can download on your smart phone so that you can personally keep track of your sleeping data. They aren't as in depth as the full compliance report that your doctor would need but they are great for gauging how well your machine is helping you. The app for the Airsense 10 is called MyAir and can be accessed via your iOS device or their MyAir website: Click here to view. The app for Dreamstation is named DreamMapper and like the Airsense 10 it can be accessed via an app or their website: Click here for the Dreamapper website.

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