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RealUserQuestionsRealUserQuestions Posts: 60 admin

What do I need in terms of prescription? I purchased an AirSense 10 about a year ago. I had purchased a prescription from you at that time. Is it still good?


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    K_EBIK_EBI Posts: 4

    Yes, we would still have your prescription on file. As long as the date it was signed on was within the last 8 years it would still be valid for you to use.

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    Kathleen_EasyBreatheKathleen_EasyBreathe Posts: 14
    edited June 2017

    If you purchased the CPAPRX package from our website, we would still have it on file! As mentioned, we would keep it on file for up to 8 years.

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    this place gives prescriptions!! how does it work??

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    EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    @jerryboy994 you can click here to view our prescription package. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea in the past this is a great option for you! We will send you out a questionnaire to your email address, which can be filled out completely online. Once it is filled out and returned to us we will have one of our physicians review the document and write you a prescription.

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    nice!! can i use this in other places?? hopefully my insurance pays for it!!

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    Jessica_EasyBreatheJessica_EasyBreathe Posts: 42 admin

    @jerryboy994 The Easy Breathe prescription package can only be used if you are paying for your supplies out of pocket. You can use this prescription to purchase supplies from other stores as well.

    If you would like to use your insurance to cover your supplies, we will need a prescription from a doctor you have seen in person (insurance requirement).

    We can check your insurance coverage for free! Just fill out our online contact form or call us at 866-564-2252 to get started.

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