DreamWear Pillows?

RealUserQuestionsRealUserQuestions Posts: 60 admin

I have an older Dreamwear. Will the new gel pillows fit the old head gear?


  • K_EBIK_EBI Posts: 4

    Yes. The DreamWear Gel Pillows will fit onto the original DreamWear mask.

  • Yes, you can use the gel pillows on the original Dreamwear. You can click here to view the replacement gel pillows!

  • back in my day you would sleep on pillows, you didn't put them in your nose to sleep!! but they can be really comfy, i used a mask called the QUICK fx or something and i barely noticed it!! (well as much as you don't notice something in your nose!!)

  • sundeiossundeios Posts: 10

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