I have problems

Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 9

I'm having trouble writing my essay. Can someone help me or give me some advice?


  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 9
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    Please help me

  • KettyWKettyW Posts: 1

    I recommend you to see the samples on the website https://essaytopic.net There are a lot of samples of ready-made essays. From them, you can type quotes or fragments. You can also be inspired by one of the essays for writing your topic. A useful resource. I recommend it.

  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 9

    Thank you, Ketty. I also use https://writemyessayplease.com/ There have never been any problems with the authors of this resource. I advise you!

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