I have problems

Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 10

I'm having trouble writing my essay. Can someone help me or give me some advice?


  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 10
    edited April 2021

    Please help me

  • KettyWKettyW Posts: 3

    I recommend you to see the samples on the website https://essaytopic.net There are a lot of samples of ready-made essays. From them, you can type quotes or fragments. You can also be inspired by one of the essays for writing your topic. A useful resource. I recommend it.

  • Pit_LydonPit_Lydon Posts: 10

    Thank you, Ketty. I also use https://writemyessayplease.com/ There have never been any problems with the authors of this resource. I advise you!

  • RodeRode Posts: 1

    If you're talking about the problem of college essay writing, it's a common problem. And you know what I say? The problem is not about essay, but about that you may have chosen the wrong college and the wrong course of study for you. Check that, for example. This article does a good job of exposing the issue of choosing the right college.

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