I HATE how C-Pap masks seem to be designed by people who have NEVER used one regularly!!!

C-Pap masks seem to have a uniform shape taking on the posture: one design fits all. That does not work! I have been using a full-face C-Pap some 8 years and my very first mask was, for me, perfect. Its design just about contoured to my face and there was no directionalized migraine-producing point-of-contact in the middle of my forehead! This one had two plastic flaps that spread the pressure outward. Smart, huh? I just bought a C-Pap mask that seemed to be decent but had two tiny, plastic stems that held ALL THE PRESSURE of the mask while on the face. Guess what? I put it on and the stem broke immediately. So, it's now useless. Awesome!
My new, newest C-Pap for some reason has a partial head cushion that connects to the mask. (Why!?) It is POINTLESS!!! Unless the point is to be exceedingly annoying because it pops off the really small connector between the mask itself and the thing that is absolutely NOT NEEDED!
Now for the face design of the masks. There is gel and a lot of plastic, which are great because they do create a smoother and softer barrier. Excellent adaptation.... seriously. Why do the masks have to be strapped down with a twist-tourniquet just to match the curves of a face to stop escaping air? Sure, I get it. It's impossible to make a design to "fit all." Yet, there are methods of adapting to this as well. Matching a general face design should probably help. Yes, I am aware that this process is used; however, in my opinion, from my experience, many designs are too flat in their structure. What I mean is, there is not enough side-to-side curving to help the mask seal to the person’s face. Essentially, to those who are designing C-Pap masks… let those who wear them on a daily basis make the designs. Yes, I know... I'm sure there are some who do but so many masks must be ratcheted on to keep the pressure stable.
Ideas to hopefully incorporate into designs: Make stronger, durable, AND EASIER TO CONNECT connections for the straps to connect to the mask; create wider straps for the back of the neck so they do not roll into a tight rope that rips into the spinal cord; add slight curvature to accommodate the chin - slightly bringing that section forward; and, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP DESIGNING THAT FREAKING FOREHEAD PIECE THAT DOES NOTHING BUT DIRECT PRESSURE INTO THE SKULL CAUSING MIGRAINES!

Thank you.

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