Do I need a prescription for a CPAP machine?

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Do I need a prescription for a CPAP machine?


  • yup, you gotta get a sleep study to get diagnosed to get the prescription, too

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    Yes, you will need a prescription in order to purchase a new CPAP machine. There are a few options if you are looking to get a new prescription or renew an old one. If you have never been diagnosed in the past you can check out the Easy Sleep Apnea Test: Click here to view. With this package you will fill out a questionnaire to get a prescription for a home sleep test. After you take the home sleep test our physicians will review the results and write you a prescription if you have sleep apnea.

    If you have been diagnosed in the past and are just looking to renew your prescription then the CPAP prescription package is the way to go. You will be sent a questionnaire that our physicians will review, upon review they will determine if you are eligible for a new prescription then write you one. Click here to view the CPAP prescription package.

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    I did what Bryan mentioned and it was soooo easy and fast. I did the at home study, sent back the equipment and 2 days later had my Rx. A few more days later i had my machine and mask. It was really easy.

  • @RealUserQuestions said:
    Do I need a prescription for a CPAP machine?

    Yes, you need a prescription to buy a CPAP machine as CPAP devices are considered a Class II Medical Device. But if you are hesitant of going to a lab for a sleep study, you can choose home sleep study. You get the equipment delivered at your home and a sleep specialist will supervise your sleep study at your home via video call. You can visit sleep care online's website for more information. They provide the best home sleep study package at a very decent price.

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