hair loss

I have been using my machine about 8 yrs and love it. I could never be without it for a good night sleep.

I seem to be loosing hair on the front of my head where the harness strap puts pressure on it . I feel like I'm going bald....I can't afford to have this continue. Any one have this problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sue


  • JeffreyJeffrey Posts: 22

    Well, it is a really sad thing because these days, every boy and girl really like to care about his/her hair because of its impact on your personality. But I have no idea about this because still yet I have not faced any kind of thing like this.

  • MrywidowMrywidow Posts: 1
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    I'm a woman with thinning hair especially on the top of my head. The harness tends to pull hair so I bought a sleeping cap (Amazon) to protect my hair. I just slip my harness on over the cap and things are just fine now.

  • BurchelliBurchelli Posts: 1

    I too am wondering about my hair loss. I asked a dermatologist, because I am 77 she decided without much thought that it was typical female aging. I think it's from the mask but can't come up with a strategy to put less pressure on the hair.

  • KettyWKettyW Posts: 3
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