Humidity level & Dry Nose

I have been a Air Sense 10 Cpap user since Dec of 2016. I do feel i sleep harder with the cpap on rather than not wearing it. I had trouble find a mask at first as i have Occipital Neuralgia, where i get seveSwift re headaches that turn into migraines that start at the base of skull and so many of the masks sit there. I am finally using the Swift FX Nano, i think the nose piece could be smaller, but i have the small already.
My issue is DRY NOSE, i have always had this problem and use Saline spray before bed. I still use it, but i will still wake up at 2 in the morning or whenever and i have the start of what i will a sinus headache because i feel so dried out. I have the humidity turned up to 7, and it uses water during the night. i wonder if a heated hose would help? Has anyone else had this problem? My best friend has one and she says she is sometimes wet in the morning from the humidty. HELP


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    I've had cpaps or over 15 years and hardly used them because of the dry sinus problem. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with my sinuses burning and sneezing constantly. The next day and for days after my nose would run constantly from the irritation. I had a fifth sleep study in November and received a new CPAP last month. It is awesome and I sometimes sleep with it as long as 6-7 hours a night and no sinus problems in the morning. I have the ResmedAirSense 10 with humidifier and the F&P Simplus full face math.

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