Tried everything but still wake up with a dry mouth and it is very disturbing. Anyone have anything that worked for them?


  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 2

    I also wake up with a dry mouth, i have a humidifier set at max. The dry mouth is worse than before i used the CPAP. I am going to try biotene oral moisturizer. Anyone else have this problem?

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    @danacohenopt @jkirk I know what you're going through...I've had my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth...I've tried these XyliMelts, they help some...

  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 2

    The xylimelts are helpful. Most nights i only wake once with a dry mouth, and its nowhere near. I put one xylimelt on each side of outer upper molars at back of mouth.

  • daviddavid Posts: 1

    Where do I buy xylimelts?

  • EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    @david said:
    Where do I buy xylimelts?

    Hi David you can check out the Xylimelts by clicking here.

  • GC_Bob_59GC_Bob_59 Posts: 1

    This might sound of corny, but until I get my DreamWear Full Face Mask (currently it only has a nasal mask), I'll keep using paper tape to keep my lips closed. Works like a charm. Can't get dry mouth if you're not breathing through your mouth. :)

  • nrattnratt Posts: 1

    I use a full face mask and awaken daily with dry mouth. Actually, it's more like "dry throat." It's annoying, but really no big deal, in my opinion. Since I started regularly using CPAP seven years ago, I get rid of dry mouth/throat each day by drinking a 12-oz glass of water first thing out of bed in the morning. Dry mouth/throat gone! Yeah, I know, but it's really that easy.

  • BrakenBraken Posts: 2

    I use a nasal pillow type mask and I have gotten the same thing quite a few times. It is caused by your mouth opening and the air blowing out. Using a chin strap can solve this. I am still trying to find a chin strap I like though. I heard someone say they used a headband as a chinstrap. I have not tried that idea yet. I have tried an idea that works for me. Using two single chin straps. One to cover part of the chin and wedged under my bottom lip and the other covering my mouth. The first one helps to keep the second one in place.

  • most times I wake up dry, it's because my mask slips and I take in air from outside unit. I stop this by tightening the mask, problem is I am a flipper all night and must really have it tight to avoid dry mouth.

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