Tried everything but still wake up with a dry mouth and it is very disturbing. Anyone have anything that worked for them?


  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 2

    I also wake up with a dry mouth, i have a humidifier set at max. The dry mouth is worse than before i used the CPAP. I am going to try biotene oral moisturizer. Anyone else have this problem?

  • ModMasterMikeDModMasterMikeD Posts: 19
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    @danacohenopt @jkirk I know what you're going through...I've had my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth...I've tried these XyliMelts, they help some...

  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 2

    The xylimelts are helpful. Most nights i only wake once with a dry mouth, and its nowhere near. I put one xylimelt on each side of outer upper molars at back of mouth.

  • daviddavid Posts: 1

    Where do I buy xylimelts?

  • EB_BryanEB_Bryan Posts: 32 mod

    @david said:
    Where do I buy xylimelts?

    Hi David you can check out the Xylimelts by clicking here.

  • GC_Bob_59GC_Bob_59 Posts: 1

    This might sound of corny, but until I get my DreamWear Full Face Mask (currently it only has a nasal mask), I'll keep using paper tape to keep my lips closed. Works like a charm. Can't get dry mouth if you're not breathing through your mouth. :)

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