Condensation noise

I want to sleep with an open window, but the cold makes my hose have condensation and the loud popping noise. Can I use a hose cover with the suspense p10 heated hose?


  • msfiggmsfigg Posts: 2

    My stupid tablet changed the word system to suspense in my above post.

  • RobertLondonRobertLondon Posts: 2

    Have you tried putting the CPAP machine on the floor or very short table near the floor? It's supposed to be lower than your head anyway (though many people don't realise this).

  • 914Michael914Michael Posts: 3

    You can buy or make a "tubing insulator". It was suggested to me to fashion one from old socks, I found them online reasonably priced. I bought the same brand as my CPAP. Solved my condensation issues.

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