I've researched for days now and can't find an answer about my SiClean machine. Can I add my chin strap into the machine? Is there ANY benefit ?
My IMPORTANT question follows: my full face mask seems to "breakdown" the components of the mask after 2 months. I can only get 1 mask every 3 months because of Medicare. I cannot afford to buy one out of pocket. As I start nearing my date of replacement I get continuous air leaks even using my chin strap. Can someone tell me if there is a problem with the mask and if it's "breaking down" my mask.


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    Can anyone please answer my questions? Any suggestions?

  • LindsayLindsay Posts: 13 admin
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    What model mask do you have? What parts of the mask seem to be breaking down?

  • I was going to by the soclean2 is it worth it and I would like to also know the answer to RuAtwinlm's question

  • 914Michael914Michael Posts: 3

    I am using Philips Amara View and previously Res Med masks. All of them can outlast the 3 month replacement period without any visible deterioration.

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    Try cleaning every other day. Should last twice as long. I have 3 machines and 3 sets of masks. I clean my travel one once a month,{used very little to none. more often when traveling. My secondary machine , {used 4 - 5 days a week} is cleaned weekly. My primary machine, at home is cleaned every other day. I have never gotten sick from any of them. I do not replace masks, headgear, tubes or other things unless they become inoperative, then I usually just take the item from my travel kit and put the replacement there when it comes in. I hope this info helps you.

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    @RuAtwinIm How are you cleaning your mask now? if you use harsh soap or alcohol in any form , the mask will break down faster. i used Dawn when I was handwashing it., but the SoCLean is supposed to extend the life of the parts. I put my entire mask with the headgear into the SoClean.

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