Cost of Products

EskayEskay Posts: 1

Why are masks, etc so expensive?

This stuff is made of plastic it should not be that expensive. Does anyone know of any vendors whose costs are more reasonable?

This seems like a huge racket going on with these companies. I get my supplies through Resmed and Care Centrix and I do not know the relationship between them, and none of their product costs are on their website. In addition to that, the product codes and the bills and the codes on the actual packages they come in are all different!

I have asked several times for someone to call me and have made 3 written requests and nobody has ever called me back.

This industry needs some regulation, it should not be that hard to find information on product costs!

I am at wits end with Care Centrix, and now that the summer is over and I have some time, I am going to give them 1 more shot to call me to clarify their costs and if they do not do that I am going to go to the Better Business Bureau first then the Department of Consumer Protection.

Anyone else have any thoughts about this?


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