After one full year of using my CPAP nasal mask. Doctor changed to full mask. I have been using it 100%. But suddenly, my face and hairline around the entire head keeps breaking out in hive like pimples. I'm 67 years old and I have the acne of a teenager. No makeup will cover these no matter how hard I try. I'm now too embarrassed to leave my house! I am using the SoClean every day because I thought the pimples might be bacterial. My next serious quest is this: does the SoClean is causing it to break down the materials and causing it to not be efficient after 1 1/2 months? I'm not entitled to get a new full face mask until at 1 1/2 months!!! PLEASE HELP ME with ANY suggestions and or facts. I cannot live like this, embarrassed to see even my family


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    You might be able to get some cloth to put in between yourself and the mask. There are mask liners if you are breaking out from the cushion: click here to view. You also should consult your doctor about this. If you are having an allergic reaction to the material in the mask you will want to change as soon as possible, or at the very least discuss some options with your doctor on how to get rid of these hives

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    I would talk to a dermatologist.

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    I use a Cpap too and occasionally when I'm not too diligent with my CPAP mask cleaning, I may get a zit or two pop up around the nose. But if I know that if you' have been suffering like what you're describing, you might need to consider dealing with the irritation with a proper skincare regime as well as maybe some diet modification.

    Had an aunt with severe eczema on top of her adult acne and I always felt bad for her, but recently her skin really cleared up and it looks clear of any fresh irritation or spots. She keeps going on about this course called Acne No More Come to think of it, she actually says that the system also oddly helped her eczema too. My cousin also went through the program and it seemed to deal with her teen acne before it got worse too. You might check it out if you're considering a long-term approach.

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    i too, had some breakouts from improper or lack cleaning. when i stated to regularly clean the mask, it stopped. Your condition sounds like a reaction to the material used in the mask itself. The mask liners are a good option. in addition you can try a cloth mask like the SleepW)eaver 3D Mask
    If that isn't an option there is the Oracle which bypasses the need for a mask completely!

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    New help,
    Need equipment
    No insurance willing to pay something
    Need mask, tubing and other items for Philips respiratcare

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