RuAtwinImRuAtwinIm Posts: 8

I would like to ask if any other patients about my SoClean. I'm noticing my full mask put into my SoClean is "breaking down" the full mask I put into it, is causing deterioration with the full mask. Paperwork says I can only get one mask per quarter. After using this mask at about one month, I am getting many air leaks. Even with a chin strap. I had NO airleaks for the entire 30 days, I now get airleaks every time!! Medicare is covering a new mask AFTER 3 months they pay for only ONE FULL FACE MASK. I don't want to purchase out of pocket for another mask before Medicare will pay for my supplies.


  • LindsayLindsay Posts: 13 admin

    What full face mask are you using?

  • RuAtwinImRuAtwinIm Posts: 8

    Resmed air curve 10

  • What kind of deterioration are you noticing? What has changed about your mask?

  • dogieuksdogieuks Posts: 2

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