What's the deal with distilled water for cpap machines?

What's the deal with distilled water for cpap humidifiers?


  • ModMasterMikeDModMasterMikeD Posts: 19
    edited July 2018

    Distilled water has all minerals removed, which could lead to residue mineral deposits and bacteria growth. It's a pain to buy and keep distilled water but it is is necessary to prevent any adverse health effects. . I always seem to run out of distlled water at 3 am for some odd reason..

  • MrsCleaverMrsCleaver Posts: 2

    I just read about a woman had one of those nettie pots that some people use to rinse allergies out of their sinuses. She was supposed to use distilled water, but she used plain tap water. There was a bacteria in the water, it went straight to her brain and killed her. btw....

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